Allergies - NAET®

Whether you have unknown allergy symptoms that keep coming back, or you have been tested for food & environmental sensitivities, NAET can help you overcome these symptoms.

NAET,  which stands for “Nabudripad Allergy Elimination Technique,” addresses allergies, pain, eczema, indigestion, and even depression. 

With NAET we use muscle testing (a form kinesiology) to detect which foods or nutrients your body is allergic or sensitive to. After the treatment, the body can absorb nutrients and remove toxins in a much better manner.

Food allergies are everywhere because of food additives, pesticides, chemicals, processed foods, and bioengineered foods. You can be allergic to many different things, such as: foods, drinks, pharmaceutical drugs, herbs, vitamins, water, clothing, jewelry, chemicals, paint, latex, plastics, pollen, grasses, etc.