Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a major pillar of Chinese medicine and herbal formulas can be delivered in a multitude of ways.

Pre-made formulas are available as pills, tablets, capsules, powders, alcohol-extracts, and water-extracts. Most of these formulas are very convenient as they do not necessitate patient preparation and are taken easily. 

Another modern way of delivering herbs is through granulated herbs, which are highly concentrated powdered extracts. These powders are made by first preparing the herbs as a traditional decoction. The decoction is then dehydrated to leave a powder residue. Practitioners, such as Dr. Rina, can then mix these powders together for each patient into a custom formula. The powder is then placed in hot water to recreate the decoction. This eliminates the need to prepare the herbs at home, but still retains much of the original decoction's potency.